Ask Me Anything...

Due to the dramatic down turn in our market stemming from the year-long negotiation with Rocky Mountain Power (PacificCorp), a year-long shut down in Nevada coupled with complex re-licensing requirements there, and the impending federal solar panel tariff that has finally been announced, Legend Solar is experiencing an extreme cashflow problem that impacts our ability to install purchased systems, as well as reimburse those who have cancelled their purchases. 
We are committed to fulfilling all of our commitments to customers, but cannot provide a specific timeline at this time. We appreciate the patience of all awaiting action on our part as we work each day to remedy our cashflow needs. Resources to respond to customers, as well as other vital functions in the company, have been dramatically scaled back, resulting in delayed response times. 
We will do our best to keep customers apprised of our status from week to week via our support blog.You'll find the blog at
We fully intend to push forward through this challenge and emerge stronger for the long term. We sincerely apologize for the stress and inconvenience we have caused our customers.
If you'd like to leave a question, we've opened up comments on this series of blog posts and invite you to engage in an "ask me anything" session with Legend Solar president Jed Alldredge and the co-owners of the company, Shane Perkins and Shaun Alldredge.
We'll take several questions each week and post ownership's responses at and while we know most of the questions will be about installs, feel free to ask anything. There will be some questions we may not be able to answer in the forum due to privacy concerns, for example, but if you attach your email address to your question we will do our best to respond to each comment either through the blog or via private email.